Raffay, Dávid

I was born in Budapest in 1973. I have wanted to be a sculptor since I was 3. My mother is Korényi Dalma, my father is Raffay Béla, both of them are sculptors, my step-father is painter and graphic artist Somogyi Győző. I took my final exam in the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts in 1991, my master was sculptor Meszlényi János. The same year I was accepted to the College of Fine Arts, where sculptor Kő Pál became my Master. I graduated in 1996.My diploma work was a sculpture: Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén on Horseback (140x140x200cm). From 1996 to 1998 I took part in tertiary education as a postgraduate. I am a happy father of five. We live on my profession, sculpture.

Mural Works:


Heves, Benedek Elek portrait, Süttő limestone, 60 cm

Grevenbroich, Gate Guard Lion, red lava stone 100x100x110 cm, (owned by Essen RWE Energie AG)

Dombóvár, Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén on Horseback, bronze, 140 cm 
2001 Piliscsaba PPKE, Saint Thomas of Aquino, 250 cm (960 cm) 
2002 Salföld, Roadside Crucifix, 350 cm 
2003 Budapest, Auguszt Pavilion, Well with Deer Pattern, 200 cm 
2004 Ják, Jáki Nagy Márton, 250 cm 

Füle, Arató Mihály Monument, 140 cm

Balogunyom, Catholic Church, Saint Joseph, 120 cm

2006 Zalavár, Holy Trinity, 350 cm
2007 Budapest, Vigadó Square, Girl with Dog                                             

Individual Exhibitions:

1994 Nagykáta 
2001 Tihany 
2010 Forrás Gallery, Budapest    
2012 Cultural House, Dombovár

Most Important Collective Exhibitions:

1993 Summer Exhibition, Balaton

"Sculptures of May Holiday" (First Hungarian Store of Images), Pécs 

Regional Small Sculpture Exhibition, Zalaegerszeg

1995 Mayen "stein und Farben" (Lapidea, ADORF) 
1996 43rd Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely (Tornyai János Museum) 

Diszel "Bread and Rose" (First Hungarian Store of Images) 

Bath "Lapi", England

"Year of the Son" (Saint Christopher Art Foundation), Budapest, Eger


Kő Pál Class, Csongrád 

"Sors, nyiss nekem tért" (Mestermű Gallery), Veszprém

"Year of the Holy Spirit" (Saint Christopher Art Foundation), Budapest, Eger, Kecskemét

Regional Small Sculpture Exhibition, Zalaegerszeg


"Agriculture in Fine Art", Museum of Agriculture, Budapest

"2000th Year of Hope" (Olajág Christian Art Society), Budapest

2004 Veszprém County Art Guild, Veszprém 
2010 Exhibition "Boldogasszony", Forrás Gallery, Budapest
2011 Exhibition "Magyar művészet", National Art Museum of China, Beijing


Kerényi Award of the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Art
1994 Zalaegerszeg, Regional Small Sculpture Exhibition, Diploma of Merit 



Stefan Stein: "Jedem seine Staubwolke", Rhein-Zeitung, 1994 aug. 3.

Dr. EdeIbert Dold: "Torlöwe", Lapidea' 94, Mayen 1994 (Mayanum)

Gopcsa Katalin: Picture in Picture, Veszprém TV 

1996 Márta Ildikó: R.D. Diploma Catalogue, MKF


National Association of Hungarian Artists
Olajág Christian Art Society 
Veszprém County Art Guild 
Hungarian Academy of Arts


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