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Forrás Galéria became well-known in the past decade through building up company collections. The gallery took part in building up 36 company collections for Hungarian and multinational companies between 2000 and 2007.

Following this, in 2007, it opened its two-level contemporary fine art gallery in Nagykörút (Boulevard) of Budapest next to world heritage Andrássy Road, where temporary individual and collective exhibitions are shown. The gallery provides help in building up collections that represent contemporary art; doing this through introducing outstanding and determining artists' careers and selling their most important artworks.

Forrás Galéria has introduced contemporary Hungarian visual art in more than 20 outstanding museums, cultural institutes of 9 countries for the past few years.

In 2011 Forrás Galéria - in cooperation with the Hungarian Academy of Arts and within the framework of a cultural exchange program between the Hungarian Republic and the Peoples' Republic of China - introduced the representative exhibition "Hungary Art" in the National Art Museum of China. Following this exhibition, at the 14th International Art Expo the Ministry of Culture of the Peoples' Republic of China awarded the title "The Most Influential Gallery" to Forrás Galéria.

The gallery has been the leading visual art counselor for prime cultural platforms of China regarding the Middle European region since year 2012. Since the same date it has been working in East Asia and Hungary as a non-profit organization named Forrás Art Institution.

The gallery and its international partners are dedicated to promote the progress of cultural and business relations between Hungary, Middle and East Asia, States of the Gulf, Turkey and Russia. The gallery is to promote a forward-looking, innovative and progressive process - the so called "cultural bridge", which links friendly and relative nations.

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