Exhibition of Maya Bekay Nagy, painter, professor of the Venice Academy

Welcome speech:
Szász, Jenő, president of the Research Institute for National Strategy

Ceremonial speech:
Excellency Dr. Kiss-Rigó László, diocesan of the Roman Catholic Churc Szeged-Csanád diocese

The exhibition will be opened by:
Professor emerita Dr.Prokopp Mária, art historian, academic, ELTE-BTK Institute of Art History

Curator of the exhibition:
Tóth, Norbert, the president of Forrás Art Institute


Petrás Mária, Hungarian Heritage award winning, Prima Primissima award winning folk singer, ceramist

Event of the Carpathian Homeland Gallery.

The exhibition will be opened between 22th June 2017 and 14th July 2017.



《圣母玛利亚》展览 - 奥尔肖尔

《圣母玛利亚》展览 - 奥尔肖尔

In the Chinese Museum of Fine Arts presented representative contemporary Hungarian visual art exhibition's catalog.




The Boldogasszony exhibition series's catalog second, enlarged edition.