Pauer, Gyula (1941-2012)


In 1941 he was born in Budapest.

Late 1950's he studies decorating sculpture with Luigi de Battista
1966 his first individual exhibition in HNF Hall, Budapest
1970 creating the PSEUDO Art’s guidelines
1972-78 scene and costume designer at the Csiky Gergely Theatre,
1978 Nagyatád: Maya, Demonstrating Board Forest, Pseudo-Theatre
1979-80 scene designer of the National Theatre
1980-82 Katona József Theatre
1983-84 Award of Theatre and Film Critics, “The scene designer of the year” Award
1985 Miss Hungary, Beauty Contest
1988 Olympic Pantheon exhibitor, Seoul Torso
1987 Péry Puci exhibition, Pécs
1988 Bereményi Géza: Eldorado ; European Cesar Award, scene designer
1989 French sculptures, Cod-Statuettes
1991 Shroud of Torin sculpture
1991 Ebensee Monument
1990-98 teacher at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts
1993 Munkácsy Mihály Award
Since 1993 member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Arts
1993-2001 chairman of the Szinyei Merse Pál Association
Since 1994 vice chairman of the Association of Hungarian Sculptors
1996-2000 scene design for film “Sátántangó”
1994-2002 teacher at University of Drama and Theatre
1999 Global Conceptualism 1950s-1980s, Queens Museum of Art, New York
1999 Film Festival main prize with film “Glamour”
2002 scene design for film “Hídember”
2005 Kossuth Award
2005 initiation of “Shoes on the Bank of Danube” National Holocaust Monument
2005 Pauer retrospective, Műcsarnok (Palace of Art)
2006 Exhibition in the Hungarian National Gallery and in the Hungarian Institute, Warsaw
2008. Jan.
Individual Exhibition in the Forrás Gallery
2008 Individual Exhibition in the Symbol Gallery
2008 exhibition in Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum
2008. Dec. Individual Exhibition in the Forrás Gallery

His works can be found in several museums all over the world, and leading private collections.