Mara, Kinga


I was born on 24th February, 1980 in Budapest.


1994-1998 Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, textile faculty
1998-1999 Preparatory Course on the University of Fine Arts, painter faculty  
From 1999 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, painter faculty
Master: Gábor Nagy  
2002 Erasmus Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art, painter faculty
Masters: Iain Patterson, painter
Gordon Brennan, painter
Andrew McNiven, painter
John Mooney, graphic artist  
2007 Graduation, Hungarian University of Fine Arts  

Collective Exhibitions:

2000 Pince Gallery, Budapest
2000 Gábor Nagy's students, Csongrád 
2001 Kumulusz Group, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest  
2001 Kumulusz Group, Hatvan 
2001 Kumulusz Group, Hungarian House, Budapest 
2001 Gábor Nagy's students, Csongrád 
2002 Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland
2002 Fettes Gallery, Edinburgh 
2002 Gábor Nagy's students, Csongrád 
2002 Exhibition"Szín" ("Colour"), Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest 
2004 Gábor Nagy's students, József Attila Centre of Public Education, Budapest 
2004 Kossuth Cinema, „Passion" 
2007 OctogonArt Gallery, Group Therapy 2.
2007 MalomArt Gallery, "Landscape in Another Way" 
2008 Zikkurat Gallery, Magyar Művészeti Műhely Association, Budapest 
2008 Várfok Gallery, Exhibition "Picture in the Picture" 
2008 Képcsarnok- Miskolc, Magyar Művészeti Műhely Association 
2008 Nyírbátor, Magyar Művészeti Műhely Association 
2010 Exhibition Boldogasszony - Forrás Gallery, Budapest
Exhibition "Magyar művészet", National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2012 "We belong together" group exhibition, Forrás Galéria, Budapest
2014 HUNGARIANS-ALANS-JAZYGIANS exhibition, M.S. Tuganov State Art Museum, Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russian Federation

Individual Exhibitions:

2001 Hungarian House, Budapest
2003 Foundation for Hungarian Culture, Budapest 
2012 Forrás Gallery, Budapest


2001 Erasmus Scholarship
2004 Tóth Menyhért Award