Lajta, Gábor


Painter, lives and works in Budapest.

1990– freelance fine artist.
1982-90 associate at “Filmvilág” magazine.
1973– works as an artist.
1955 he was born on 28th September, Budapes.


1989-92 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, guest student, anatomy and perspective studies
1987-88 College of Applied Arts, Vienna, Scholarship
1983-84 School of Journalism, Budapest, photo- and layout-editor studies
1981 PhD, Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Law, Budapest
1976-81 Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Law, Budapest

Most Determining Masters

1997 he meets Tibor Csernus in Paris, they are good friends until Csernus’ death. (2007)
1986 he meets Sándor Molnár painter. They have been good friends since 1991.


1995 – Association of Hungarian Painters
1987 – Association of Hungarian Artists
1985-90 Young Painters’ Studio
1983 – Association of Hungarian Journalists

Individual Exhibitions

2010 Forrás Gallery, Budapest
2008 7 May – 30 May ”Salome”. Huba Gallery – paintings and drawings
2006 Madách Imre Centre of Public Education, Vác – oil paintings and aquarelles
”Contemporary Figures”, St’art Gallery, Budapest – paintings
2005 ”One Week – One Artwork”, MG Gallery, Budapest – painting: Danube-Prom
2003 ”Plein Art Festival”, Hotel Íbisz, Budapest – paintings
2002 ”Nox I.”, French Institute, Budapest – paintings
”Nox II”, Szinyei Saloon, Budapest – paintings
”Nox III”, Erlin Gallery, Budapest – aquarelles
St’art Gallery, Budapest – paintings and aquarelles
2000 ”Persephone”, Erlin Gallery, Budapest, – aquarelles
1999 ”Nude and Space”, Szinyei Saloon, Budapest, – paintings
Hungarian Institute, Paris – paintings
1997 ”Le Bain”, Hungarian Institute, Paris, – paintings and pastels
1995 ”The Night”, Forgách Gallery, Budapest – drawings
Hotel Hilton, Dominicans’ Court, Budapest - paintings and pastels
Horváth Endre Gallery, Balassagyarmat - paintings and pastels
1993 Balassi Gallery, Budapest - aquarelles and drawings
1987 Young Artists’ Studio, Budapest – paintings
1986 Kaposvári Gallery, Kaposvár - paintings (with Éva Novák)
1976 E-Gallery, Technical University, Budapest – drawings
1975 Szabó Ervin Library Club, Budapest - paintings, drawings
1974 E-Gallery, Technical University, Budapest – paintings
2010 Forrás Gallery, Budapest - paintings

Collective Exhibitions – selection

Exhibition "Magyar művészet", National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2010 Exhibiiton Boldogasszony - Forrás Gallery, Budapest
2007 ”Natura Morta”, St’art Gallery, Budapest
”Time of Painting, Re-understood Tradition” MNG, Budapest
4 – 26 Oct, ”Faces of Dream”, (Association of Hungarian Painters), Csepel Gallery, House of Arts, Budapest
30th Nov – 20th Jan, 2008, ”World-View”, Contemporary Hungarian Gallery, Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia
1 – 24 Dec ”Advent Calendar” – Gerbeaud House”, Vörösmarty Square, Budapest
Dec. 4 – 24., Forrás Gallery, Budapest
10-14 Dec, ”Art/Nature/Protection” (Ökotárs Foundation), Szinyei Saloon, Budapest
2006 ”Over the Time. The Undertook Tradition of Painting”, Szombathelyi Exhibition Hall, Szombathely
”Music in Contemporary Art”, Hermann Ottó Museum, Miskolc
”In the Name of Mimesis”, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs
”What would Munkácsy paint Today”, Hermann Ottó Museum, Miskolc
”The Undertook Tradition of Painting II.”, Tornyai János Museum, Hódmezővásárhely
” The Undertook Tradition of Painting II.”, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs
”Picture and Sound”, (Association of Hungarian Painters), City Gallery, Mezőtúr
12 – 17 Dec, ”Landscape with Double Omen” (Ökotárs Foundation), Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
2005 ”AKTuális. Women’s Body in Contemporary Art” Szinyei Saloon, Budapest
”Faces and Fates”. (14th Hungarian Portrait Biennale) Moldvay Győző Gallery, Hatvan (degree)
”KOGART Saloon”. KOGART House, Budapest
2004 ”New Compositions”. Selection from the Collection of Tragor Ignác Museum’s Contemporary Collection, Vác; Szentendrei Exhibition Hall, Szentendre
Szinyei Saloon, Budapest
2003 ”Fiat lux”. Erlin Gallery, Budapest
Salon des Independentes, Paris
22 May – 8 June ”The End of Painting?”, Olof Palme House, Budapest
Société internationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Paris, France
Chapelle des Jésuites, Chaumont, France
Centenaire du Siba, Mairie du Veme, Paris, France
”Le Salon 2003”. Paris, France
2 – 20 Sept, ”Other Sounds, Other Rooms. Today’s Interior.”, Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest
2002 ”Today’s Genres” St’art Gallery, Budapest (with Gyula Konkoly and Frigyes Kőnig)
”Le Salon 2002”, Paris – bronze medal
”Memory of Gulácsy Lajos”. (3rd Painting Triennial) House of Arts, Szekszárd
”Inherited Realism. Figurative Painting in the Past 40 Years”, Szombathelyi Exhibition Hall, Szombathely
2001 ”Hungarian Contemporary Art”. Juväskyla Art Museum, Finland
”Le Salon 2001”. (MagyArt) Paris – Award of Taylor Foundation
2000 ”Elsewhere, Another Time”. Móra Ferenc Museum, Szeged (Exhibition of Association of Hungarian Painters)
”Dialogue. Painting at the Millennium” Műcsarnok (Museum of Modern Arts), Budapest
1999 Hungarian Embassy, (Exhibition of Association of Hungarian Painters),
Washington, USA
1998 ”Diaspora / And / Art”. Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest
A Zugligeti Gallery Group’s Jubilee Exhibition, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1996 ”Hon-Lét-Fríz”. Vajdahunyad Castle, Museum of Agriculture, Budapest
1994 ”Agora” international artists’ colonies’ exhibition, Óbuda - Fő Square, Budapest
1988 ”Stúdió '88” Ernst Museum, Budapest
1987 Painting Exhibition, Dunaújváros
Graphics Exhibition, Nagykőrös
”Stúdió '87” Ernst Museum, Budapest
”Young Hungarian Fine Artists” Centrum Sztuki, Warsaw
1986 ”13 Hungarian Fine Artists” Mältinranta Centre of Arts, Tampere, Finland
”Stúdió '86” Museum of History, Budapest
2012 "We belong together" group exhibition, Forrás Galéria, Budapest

Artworks in Collections

Petőfi Museum of Literature, Budapest
Tragor Ignác Museum, Vác
Nagykőrös, Exhibition Hall
Contemporary Art Collection, Dunaszerdahely
KOGART Contemporary Art Collection
PIVA Collection, Budapest
Makláry Fine Arts, Budapest
Private collections in Hungary and abroad.


2005 Diploma, Award of Hatvany Lajos Museum – Hungarian Portrait Biennale, Hatvan
2002 “Médaille de bronze”, Le Salon, Paris
2001 Prix Taylor, Le Salon, Paris
Artist Scholarship – National Cultural Fund Hungarian
1994 Award of the Best Writing of the Year, Magazine “Új Művészet”
1987-88 Vienna, Scholarship
2015 Munkácsy Mihály Award

Other Activities

1990– he teaches in the Zugligeti-, then Gallery Group of Fine Art
1983-84 he has courses in the Moholy Nagy László Fine Art Group
1977– Art Essays

Own Publications – selection

They are Playing Music on the Roof. “Innocent” meeting with Aurél Bernáth. In: University Journal, 3 October, 1977.
Everything for Art. Conversation with Jenő Barcsay. In: University Journal, 17 April, 1978
Lajos Vajda’s Art. In: University Journal, 2 October, 1978.
Art is Service and Joy. Conversation with Miklós Borsos. In: University Journal, 27 November, 1978.
About Dezső Korniss’ Pictures. In: University Journal, 12 May, 1980.
Francis Bacon, namely, the body wounded by space.” In: Filmvilág, 1987/9
Weakness and Power. Oskar Kokoschka retrospective exhibition in Vienna. In: Új Művészet, 1991/7
Breathing Studios. Portrait of 4 Austrian painters. In: Új Művészet, 1991/11
For Francis Bacon’s Death. In: Élet és Irodalom, 8 May, 1992.
Rembrandt – Emission and Refraction. Pages from a diary and meditations. In: Új Művészet, 1992/9
Cézanne, towards 2000. Retrospective in Tubeng. In: Új Művészet, 1993/8
Form of Want. To Pablo Picasso’s Portrait. In: Új Művészet, 1994/5
The Mercy of Eyesight. Csontváry Exhibition in the Hungarian National Gallery. In: Új Művészet, 1994/12
Requiring the Object. R.B. Kitaj and the figurative painting. In: Új Művészet, 1995/9 and 1995/10
Whom did I promise to? Conversation with Tibor Csernus. In: Új Művészet, 1998/3
The Unity of Existence. 2 exhibitions of Sándor Molnár. In: Új Művészet, 1998/4
The Moralist of Nothing. Kurosawa-fractions. In: Filmvilág, 1999/1
Hogarth on Place Pigalle. Forward to Tibor Csernus’ exhibition. In: Ú.M. 1999/5
Falling Upwards. Tracing Bacon. In: Filmvilág, 1999/8
“Trattato del cinema”. Peter Greenaway, the painter., In: Filmvilág, 2002/12
Monuments of Sights. Katalin Sylvester’s Exhibition In: Új Művészet, 2002/3
Condensed Motion: The Art of Tibor Csernus, In:The Hungarian Quarterly, No. 172, Winter, 2003
Geometry of the Sky Town. Sándor Molnár: Pictures of Crystal, In: Új Művészet, February, 2004
Drama of Sight. Giacometti exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts, In: Műértő, April, 2004
Back of the Mirror. Ilona Keserü’s Art, Új Művészet, 2004/6.
Peeping Johannes Vermeer. Girl with a Pearl Earring. In: Filmvilág, June, 2004
Urbild und Illusion. Ausstellungskatalog Tibor Csernus. Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, 2005
Ancient View and Illusion. Tibor Csernus’ retrospective in Germany, In: Új Művészet, 2005/3., extended from: Ancient View and Illusion. In: Tibor Csernus, exhibition catalogue, Kogart House, Budapest, 2006
Tibor Csernus, the contemporary classic, In: Csernus, exhibition catalogue, Erdész & Makláry Fine Arts, Budapest, 2007

Bibliography - selection

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