Gyulai, Líviusz


He was born in1937 in Barót.

He was a student of Kmetty János and Ék Sándor at the Hungarian College of Fine Arts (now: Hungarian University of Fine Arts). After finishing university he went to Italy and England to study art. He made mostly book illustrations, animated movies and also dealt with ironic ink drawings, lino-cuts, as well as lithography and copper engravings. His first outstanding success that made him well-known in Hungarian culture was, when he illustrated Weöres Sándor's book "Psyche". He expressed the same role-play by the tools of graphics that Weöres did in Literature, and he also did it with a style beyond reproach.

TV Series

1976 Delfinia (Delphinium)
1977-1980 Jómadarak (Rowdy Birds) 
1978 Új lakók (New Tenants) 
1987-1989 Tinti kalandjai (Tinti's Adventures) 
1997 Jónás (Jonas) 
1996 Golyós mese (Tale of Balls) 
1999 Szindbád, bon voyage! (Sindbad, Bon Voyage!) 
2002 Az én kis városom (My Little Town) 


1971 Gold medal of the II. Graphic Biennale of Florence
1972 IBA-Gold medal, Leipzig 
1973 Munkácsy Award 
1978 Golden Nophretete Award, Film Festival, Cairo 
1978 Silver Pigeon Award, Film Festival of Shorts, Leipzig  
1979 Award of competition Beautiful Hungarian Book  
1980 IBA-silver medal, Leipzig  
1984 Award of the Hungarian People's Republic Arts Foundation for High Qualit 
1987 Csillag Albert Foundation, main prize 
1989 Artist of Merit 
1995 Award of the XXVII. Summer Arts Fair, Szeged 
1997 XXIX. Summer Arts Fair, Szeged, Award of MAOE Arts Department  
2004 Kossuth-Award 
2013 Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary
2014 Artist of the Nation Award

Collective exhibitions (selection)

Since 1964 his works of art has been exhibited at several international exhibitions of graphics and book art, like in: Brno, Buenos Aires, Carpi, Leipzig, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.

1968 Studio '58-68, Műcsarnok, Budapest
1968 Contemporary Hungarian Graphic Art, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest 
1969 Hungarian Art 1945-1969, Műcsarnok, Budapest 
1971 Hungarian Graphic Art in memoriam Dürer..., Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest 
1979 Hungarian Graphic Art 1978, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest 
1983 The Years of Denouement around 1960. Hungarian Art in the 20th Century,
Csók Exhibition Hall, Székesfehérvár 
2010 Exhibition Boldogasszony, Forrás Gallery, Budapest
Exhibition "Magyar művészet", National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2012 "We belong together" group exhibition, Forrás Galéria, Budapest

Individual Exhibitions (selection)

1966 Dürer Hall, Budapest
1968 Vienna  
1973 Amsterdam 
1974 Fészek Club 
1975 Csók Gallery 
1980 József Attila Library, Miskolc 
1981 Dorottya Gallery, Budapest 
1982 Munich 
1982 Csepel Gallery, Budapest 
1985 Hall of Painters, Sopron 
1988 Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, Kecskemét 
1989 City Concert and Exhibition Hall, Zalaegerszeg 
1990 Barót 
1992 Exhibition Hall, Sárospatak 
1997 MOL Headquarters Gallery, Szolnok 
1997 Hall of Painters, Sopron  
1997 City Exhibition Hall, Kazincbarcika 
1998 Kazincbarcika 
1998 Vigadó Gallery 
1999 Helsinki 
1999 Stockholm 
1999 Brussels 
2000 Madách Theatre 
2000 Kaunas 
2000 Brussels 
2001 Berlin 2001 
2002 Révkomárom 
2009 Forrás Gallery, Budapest