Csáki, Róbert


1964. he was born on 13th January, in Budapest
1983. he finished his studies in the Grammar School of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest
1986. he was admitted to the Department of Applied Graphics
1990. he got his degree in Painting, his master was Gábor Dienes. He also graduated in Geometry, Arts History, and as an Arts teacher.
1990-1993. ha took part in a master course at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
1995. He worked as an assistant lecturer at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

Awards, Scholarships:

1990. Award at competition “Water”
1991. Lipót Herman award
1991. 38th Autumn Arts Exhibition, Hódmezővásárhely, special award
1991. ELIA Competition, special award
1992. Ludwig Foundation, scholarship
1992. Award at the 39th Autumn Arts Exhibition, Vásárhely
1994. 41st Autumn Arts Exhibition, Hódmezővásárhely
1995. 42nd Autumn Arts Exhibition, Vásárhely, Award of National Cultural Fund, Hódmezővásárhely
1997. Award of the 44th Autumn Arts Exhibition, Vásárhely
1998. 3rd prize, Strabag Prize of Painting
2000. Hungart Scholarship
2002. bronze medal, Autumn Exhibition, Paris
2003. silver medal, Autumn Exhibition, Paris
2004. Award of the Oil-Painting Biennale, Szeged

Individual Exhibitions:

1990. Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
1991. Csongrád Gallery, Csongrád
1991. Cultural Centre of Youth, Szeged
1992. Hotel Atrium Hyatt, Budapest
1993. Duisburg, Rayen Elin GMBH, Germany
1996. Zichy Gallery, Leiden, Netherlands
1996. Braler Gallery, Hague, Netherlands
1998. Illárium Gallery, Budapest
2000. Illárium Gallery, Budapest
2002. Secco Gallery, Budapest
2002. Társalgó Gallery, Budapest
2004. Secco Gallery, Budapest
2004. Csongrád Gallery, Csongrád
2004. Társalgó Gallery, Budapest
2005. 78’s Gallery, Sopron
2005. Tokaji Gallery, Budapest
2006. Department of Arts, JGYTF, Szeged
2007. Társalgó Gallery, Budapest
2007. Forrás Gallery, Budapest
2008 Forrás Gallery, Budapest
"Társalgó" Gallery, Budapest
2010 REÖK Palace, (Oeuvre Exhibition), Szeged
2011 "Társalgó" Gallery, Budapest
2012 Újlipótvárosi Klub-Gallery, Budapest

Pieces of Arts in Public Collections:

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Tornyai Museum, Hódmezővásárhely
Hotel Four Seasons, Gresham Palace, Budapest