Kunkovács, László

Kunkovács Laszló Balogh Rudolf Award-winning photographer, ethnographer is feeling the center of the universe the Hungarian Great Plain, but his wider home is Eurasia. His solo, themed photo exhibitions appeared at home 128 locations and abroad museums and institutions of 16 countries, 36 cities. Honorary Doctorate of the Moholy Nagy University of Art (DLA hc). He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

He was born in Endrőd, 1942. His early experience about the traditional rural world was very determinative. His career began as a teacher. Moving to the capital, he became journalist, after that editor and he started to further educations in ethnography, visual anthropology. For decades he is an independent artist. He links together, which recently split: the science and art. After home collecting routes he researched in the neighbor countries and he started backpacking expeditions to Siberia and Central Asia' little-known peoples - ancient sacrificial sites and rock art images, wises who live at end of the world. Hundreds of his ethnographical, sociological, cultural history related articles were published in newspapers, journals, study books.


2000, 2001 Ancient buildings
Kece, milling, marázsa. Traditional fishing in natural waters
2002 Stone People
2006 Shaman Power
2013 Shepherds


1989 Hungarian Arts Award
1995 Press Photo '93 - MÚOSZ the Grand Prix, "Pro Natura" 
1996 Balogh Rudolf Award

Kight Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary

MMA competition, gold medal

2002 Mediawave " For Parallel Cultures" Award, Győr
2006 Bács Kiskun Shire's Science Prize 
2007 Honorary citizen of the city Gyomaendrőd 

Hortobágy Award 

Békés County Award

Hungarian Photographers Association, Lifetime Achievement Prize

2012 Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary 
2014 Magyar Örökség Award
2015 Kossuth Award


Live agricultural history
Roaming on the Tisza
Aincent buildings
Traditional fishing
People from the plain
My happy, loved village
From Lhasza to Sigace (Tibet)
Shaman Power
Kuns in Hungary
Magical South-Siberia
Old turkish stone men
Kazahs of the Mongol-Altaj
The Hortobágy area
Plains, farms, village edges
Bulgarian Busó-walking
Knife makers, blacksmiths, weapon artificial kidney
History imposed to the rock
Sheperds and fishermen